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How to use the Complitech

Discover the power of Complitech

Complitech is your strategic ally, meticulously crafted to provide tools and resources to support compliance management and expedite your business expansion, while optimising costs. Getting the best out of your compliance team is a easy as 3 steps:

1. Login

2. Search

3. Download

Compliance Management Features


Stay in control of your compliance obligations by accessing the latest technical requirements 24/7 in the format which suits you.

  • Instantly access requirements impacting your products and markets.
  • Refine searches by specific regulatory area, requirement type, product vertical, or keywords.
  • Download to PDF, CSV, or XSLX to collaborate more easily with your team and stakeholders.

Gap Analysis

Streamline your compliance efforts and address gaps effectively, saving you weeks of painstaking research when launching new products/verticals or entering new markets.

  • Conduct automated gap analysis between multiple markets to identify regulatory gaps.
  • Support decision-making and the creation of action plans and roadmaps.
  • Support the release of new products and enter new markets quicker and more efficiently.


Complitech’s regulatory monitoring allows you to stay agile, align the business to the changing regulatory landscape, and reduce regulatory risk.

  • Set up notification preferences to meet your specific business needs.
  • Receive notifications about regulatory changes within Complitech.
  • Use to proactively manage changed compliance obligations.


Use Complitech to inform the long-term growth of your business by identifying product and market opportunities in regulated jurisdictions around the world.

  • Identify the markets best suited to your products to generate new revenue streams.
  • Integrate technical compliance into your development and operational processes.
  • Adapt to new requirements faster than the competition.

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