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Used by subscribers for daily compliance queries and meticulously crafted to provide tools and resources to support compliance management and expedite your business expansion, while optimising costs.

Achieve technical compliance excellence

Make Complitech’s extensive regulatory database, analysis tools, and support for the iGaming and Betting Industry. 

  • Navigate complex landscapes of regulatory change with Complitech’s monitoring and notification service to help adapt to technical changes faster.
  • Manage technical compliance obligations and risks with Complitech’s extensive repository of global technical compliance requirements.
  • Succeed at supporting business strategy with Complitech’s gap analysis to help you compare and review compliance obligations across markets and speed up the process.

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Get more from your compliance
team with Complitech


Speed up market expansion

Save time when entering new regulated markets using Complitech’s jurisdiction reports and gap analysis.


Reduce compliance costs

Cut down on time, money, and manpower to research, translate, and document rules and regulations with Complitech’s centralised database of compliance requirements.


Simplify compliance assurance

Prepare for certification and audit inspections using Complitech’s jurisdictional reports to create pre-inspection checklists.


Grow revenue streams

Gain an edge by using Complitech’s jurisdictional reports and gap analysis to plan strategically, identify, and shape your next product or market.


Boost regulatory vigilance

Keep abreast of regulatory updates that have an impact on your organisation and minimise risks with Complitech’s monitoring and notifications service.

Following the rules has never been easier

Find out how Complitech can be your strategic ally, to ensure your technical compliance excellence and boost business growth.

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