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Many jurisdictions,
one vault.

The one vault system with a console enabling you to monitor all your live vaults and all your suppliers in all jurisdictions and ensure consistency between your data and that of your suppliers.

Complex Vault Systems?

No problem! DatavaultOne integrates and manages complex vault systems for your regulated market. Operators and game providers send raw XML or JSON data and DataVaultOne takes care of “the rest”.

Accessing and Sharing?

DatavaultOne makes it a breeze! Data is made available to local regulators in required formats with bulletproof secure channels for regulators to access. Console access enables real-time monitoring of all live vaults and suppliers in all jurisdictions and ensures unwavering consistency between data streams.

Integration Support?

DatavaultOne has got you covered! Access to integration and development support from seasoned developers and integration managers; comprehensive packages available to include assistance with integration and applications (see Services page for details).

Ongoing Upgrades?

DatavaultOne has your back! Supporting upgrades and patches as required by regulators; documentation and console upgrades to ensure regulated markets are always secure and in scope.

Find out how DatavaultOne helps you
encrypt, store and transfer data.